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Specialty Equipment

Solvent Recycling & Custom Washers
  • Reduce Hazardous Wasted Disposal Cost Up To 90%
  • Evaporators, Eliminating Water Based Process Chemicals
  • Custom Washers, Cabinet, Ultrasonic, Tank Systems
  • Safety Storage Cabinets, Paint And Solvent Storage Rooms
Retractable Paint Or Sanding Booths
  • Use Existing Cranes, Maximize Limited Floor Space
  • Dry Waterborne Paint, Recirculating, Dehumidification
  • Paint Capture And Air Filtration, Non Vented, No Exhaust
  • Create Code Compliant Energy Efficient Work Stations
Fluidized Thermal Paint Stripping
  • Cleaning Cycle 20-60 Minutes, Process In Baskets
  • Quartz Sand Or Aluminum Oxide Fluidizing Media
  • Rugged Stainless Bed, External After Burner, Cyclone
  • Overhead Hoist System, Tilt Hoist, Wireless Controls
  • Cleaning Wash Booth, High Pressure Spray Wand

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